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Reviews of STO Consulting services

“Inspired CCTV(NE) Ltd needed expert advice to review our Marketing offering and to redesign our basic website to achieve higher search engine ranking. STO /Graeme were approached along with an alternative company (website developer). After review meetings with both, myself and the team were very impressed with Graeme’s grasp of our business needs and his recommendations.
We have now completed a successful full detailed redesign of our website and have retained STO to continue with providing our ongoing marketing assistance. The advice on how to structure the site was extremely useful. This has resulted in us ranking for a number of relevant terms.
I have no hesitation in recommending STO to any business looking to improve their marketing awareness.”

Howard Bullock, Director, Inspired CCTV

“A professional service was delivered to the organisation which highlighted many development areas within the business. The guidance and support we received were invaluable, and we now have a vision of how we will develop new programmes and the market we will target to achieve our goals. I would recommend STO Consulting should you require any marketing support.”

Colin Dagg, Managing Director, Keep Active

“A fantastic detailed service was provided by STO Consulting which has helped me so much with promoting my business further. Thank you for all of your help and marketing expertise, I will definitely recommend this company to others.”

Julie Charlton, Business Owner, Bee Aloe Good

“My company brand and identity needed a complete overhaul. STO helped me create a company brand that I am now proud of. Graeme was extremely helpful during the whole process. I would definitely recommend him. Most importantly of all – within only a few months of the project I was able to win a number of new contracts bringing in significant revenue, repaying the investment in my marketing many times over.”

Darren Potter, Managing Director, Mayfield Financial Planning Ltd

“I have found Graeme’s marketing strategy an invaluable tool for my business. Graeme spent a great deal of time getting to know Lets Manage North East and worked with me to pin-point where I should be improving my marketing and how to do it.

The report I received at the end was top-class and I regularly refer to it to make sure I’m on track with what we planned. I would highly recommend STO Consulting’s services.”

Susan Edwards, Managing Director, Lets Manage North East Ltd

“We were attempting to break into a virtually unknown market and Graeme’s
work let us see that this market was worth pursuing and developing. His
approach was very professional, exceptionally helpful and he was a
comfortable person to work with. We expect to be consulting him again in the
near future.”

Ken Taylor, Managing Director, Trident Washrooms

“Thanks for your professional approach, hard work, innovative thoughts and the vision you used to create our marketing plan. This plan has given us the solid platform we required to enable ProForecast to bloom and achieve our goals by giving us a competitive advantage.
The plan has enabled us to formulate a business plan which has realistic and achievable targets and has enabled us to accurately formulate the costs.
We look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that we maintain this competitive advantage. “

Steven Katirai, Managing Director, ProForecast Ltd

“What impressed me most about Graeme was that he was prepared to say what he thought needed to be improved upon in my marketing in our first meeting, rather than just telling me that everything was great etc and how good we were. This made me take notice and want to learn more about how he could help me.
The day spent outlining the strategy for my business was fantastic – to spend time looking over my business and discussing my goals with Graeme was immensely valuable, and then sitting down to work out a plan of how to get there was exciting! I found Graeme’s approach to be extremely professional and his attention to detail is second to none. The plans Graeme has helped me put into place are going to help me to grow my business, I have no doubt about it.
If you are looking for somebody to help you with your marketing then look no further than STO. Thank you Graeme for all of your hard work. “

Craig Scott, Managing Director, Redstones Newcastle

“If you want to establish real marketing strategy that works and where you know you will get the results – use STO Consulting Ltd.
Thanks very much for the information we garnered at the workshops. They were brilliant. Entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant. Now all we have to do is get it into action.”

Olga Mironova, Managing Director, MMCS Commercial Cleaning

“ I have been in the Complementary Therapy business for 6 years and had fallen into the trap of marketing that had not only cost me a lot of money but revealed very little return. I had also just completed a marketing course which left me overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead and how little I really understood Marketing. After talking to Graeme at a networking group, I knew he was just the person I needed. He asked many questions about the business to get a ‘feel’ for what we stood for. Following some lengthy research, Graeme put together a strategic plan that enabled me to take my business to a new level within mainstream health. This is an ongoing project that has just begun but I now have the strategic framework in which I can make better decisions and get better results long term”

Barbara Ellis, Business Owner, Optimum Health
Hadrian Residential Boot Camp logo

“We worked with Graeme to develop a strategy to diversify an existing business and to get a better understanding of the market we were looking to enter. Graeme did not disappoint us. We thought we already knew the existing market and the competitors out there, but Graeme took it to another level. His research and analytical skills were invaluable to us and he produced his findings in a clear and concise way, both verbally and in written form. We had a few workshop sessions with Graeme to work through and develop our business strategy which were both informative and very enjoyable. Graeme’s relaxed and informal manner enabled the process from start to finish to be a very pleasant one. We would definitely recommend Graeme and STO Consulting. ”

Clare Blunt and Martin Whitaker, Hadrian Residential Bootcamp

“Graeme helped us enormously in developing a strategy that was best suited to the stage in our development as a company. We were doing well but wanted to prioritise new opportunities and make sure we were focusing on the right things. The understanding of our market that Graeme brought us, plus the strategic options that he presented us were beyond our expectations and we would recommend Graeme’s work to anyone.”

Stephen Lundy, Director, Axion Energy Solutions

“In the year that I worked in the same office space as Graeme, often delivering different services to the same clients, I can honestly say I have never worked with such a dedicated and hard working individual. On a daily basis Graeme would go out of his way to make sure that clients where receiving the best possible professional service he could possibly deliver. I would never have any hesitation in recommending Graeme Jordan to anyone of my clients or friends. “

Bruce Allinson, Photographer, Allinson's Photography

“Thanks for your invaluable input on the project. The research program you designed and managed allowed us to prove demand for our on-line exhibition and live events resource, allowing us to prove the concept and make it a reality.
Going forward, your assistance in developing the marketing strategy and helping to instigate the marketing programme added real value and generated the market traction that we needed. “

Director, Events Planning Software Company

“Graeme’s approach to our project was methodical and well researched. He asks a lot of questions which made us feel confident in his ability. His knowledge of marketing is extensive and he was able to draw reference from previous projects. The outcome and delivery of his recommendations were thorough, well explained and broken down into short, medium and long term goals. We’ve already started completing these actions and have seen instant results. I would recommend Graeme to any business looking to better understand, focus and direct their marketing efforts. Thanks Graeme. “

Managing Director, Software Company

“I hired Graeme with an understanding that starting a business in recruitment would need some savvy marketing to stop our business getting crushed before it got started. Without Graeme, we would not have a business. His understanding of strategic direction and research into the market perception of recruitment businesses has been instrumental in our position in the market place. From being someone who was cynical about marketing, I am now converted to understanding that marketing, especially good marketing provided by Graeme, is critical to the growth of our business. “

Director, Recruitment Technology Company