Things in marketing that are not new

 1.      Brands need personality

It has always been thus. A brand is the entirety of what you represent. It is impossible to be a provider of choice unless at least some aspects of personality are involved.

Even if it is just trust in the quality of the product or service that the company is providing. It is impossible to have a brand that does not involve an aspect of personality.

We are not machines and we do not make purchasing decisions that are entirely (if at all) objective.

2.       You have to say different things to different people

This is only true anyway in a limited sense. Too much adaptation to different audiences and you sound confused or amateur. Too little and you are in danger of being irrelevant to some of your chosen target groups. Knowing the difference is the key to effective segmentation.

Knowing the difference between a fundamental and a mere detail is what separates strategic level marketing from communications.

3.       Content matters

There has never been a time when content didn’t matter. Previously content was used in different media, some of which is still in use, whether in a more limited way or not. But it was used for roughly the same purpose. What has changed is the extent to which we consume content and the circumstances and ways in which we consume it.

In the business context, content of course must come from a recognisable and effective brand. The reason is that the brand gives us the ability to determine the credibility of the content that we are consuming – depending on background, expertise, motive etc. Content without brand cannot have any chance of being credible.

4.       Relationships matter

As with content marketing, relationship marketing is a key but ever present and pervasive issue. Without relationships, most other marketing activities will fall over. Without relationships we would be limited to one off transactions and a finite and ever dwindling list of targets.

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