How to get your marketing campaigns right

I was reminded of a few things this week when I received what I believe is the best piece of direct mail I’ve had for a very long time.

Now, my first response to any question about marketing campaigns would be ‘Get the strategy right first’.

But if we take this as a given; there are a variety of things that can go together to make a really effective marketing campaign – regardless of the media involved:

The fundamentals include:

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Things in marketing that are not new

 1.      Brands need personality

It has always been thus. A brand is the entirety of what you represent. It is impossible to be a provider of choice unless at least some aspects of personality are involved.

Even if it is just trust in the quality of the product or service that the company is providing. It is impossible to have a brand that does not involve an aspect of personality.

We are not machines and we do not make purchasing decisions that are entirely (if at all) objective.

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