Looking forward in 2016

So what is 2016 likely to bring us? Well, in the good old world of marketing consultancy, it’s likely to be new ways to engage with customers, new trends in consumer and business buying preferences and increasing competition (which is fine as long as we are better).

One thing I think is certain is the ‘business as usual’ nature of social media. It’s not new or complicated or just for young and trendy types. It’s mainstream. The cultural changes are permanent but the platforms themselves likely not to be.

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How to excel at marketing

The answer to this question has little to do with tools, techniques, or, of course ‘tips and tricks’.

It does however depend upon your view of the purpose of marketing.  For example:

It’s not actually about generating ideas.  No – anyone can generate ideas. Most of us do. You can look around you any day of the week, read questionable online comment or watch business / reality TV programmes and you will not be short of ideas.

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