Customer retention: Do your processes attract or repel customers?

Getting customers is among the major aims of most businesses. Maybe you are lucky enough to have all you need or you can choose those you want. But you still need to keep them. Have you ever thought about your business processes and how these contribute to your success?

If customer retention matters to you, it could be valuable to do so.

The initial contact, this is where a lot of mistakes are made.  If you try to use ‘clever’ tricks to get in touch with me, I won’t trust you. I’ll be constantly on guard for your next little trick. Even if you get away with it, dishonesty is a bad way to begin a customer relationship.

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Why is innovation so important?

Developing products and / or services that people are willing to buy is the foundation of any business.

But when to develop new ones and when to concentrate on those that you already have is challenge.

This is where ‘innovation’ decisions can be complex. I have mixed views on this subject because:

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Taking your market for granted (or how to fail slowly in business)

Ever wondered why different companies do different things? It’s not just because they perceive different opportunities, though this is likely to be the case. It’s mainly because different companies are able to excel at different things.

So, the fact that there is a market out there for something that you want to do is great. But it is no guarantee of success. That market may choose to buy from others.

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