Should businesses care about more than just the bottom line?

Business is all about making profit. A fairly uncontroversial statement in a capitalist (or more accurately mixed) economy. Even those with a community / public / charitable focus often look to make a ‘surplus’ to reinvest into doing good.

But should businesses of all kinds care about things other than profit?

For a number of reasons, the answer is a very certain yes.

If customers can’t trust or like you, why will they buy?

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How to grow a business

There are lots of ways to grow a business. Business owners should beware any suggestions that a single solution can yield best results. As with many areas of life, the easy answers to complex questions are to be treated with caution.

This is clear from the fact that lots of very different companies grow. And some companies grow in ways that you will not be able to replicate. So, your business could grow in innumerable ways. The question, assuming growth is an objective, is which route do you take? For me, there are four factors to consider: The internal environment, the level of commitment to the strategy, the ability to sustain, and – most importantly – the question of brand.

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How to make your website better

Having launched two new websites for my own business recently ( and, and having written numerous websites for clients over the years, I’d like to share my advice on how to make your website better.

It goes without saying now that your website needs to be ‘responsive’ (i.e. work well on mobiles) and it should be tested across all major browsers (which may differ from country to country).

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The trial and error approach to business

There is a lot of emphasis on start-up and growth of business currently as a way of stimulating economic growth.

Inevitably there are a number of different approaches being promoted, to enable such business activity to thrive.

A variety of approaches is necessary because of course each business is different. As with many things though, it can be tempting to seek easy answers and shortcuts, but they are unlikely to provide value.

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