How to get the best results from your digital marketing agency

(This month’s blog comes from our colleague, Charlotte who ran her own business and engaged marketing agencies prior to working with STO Consulting). I am in the fortunate position, having owned my own business for 3 years prior to being in marketing consulting, that I have been a customer of several digital marketing agencies. So I fully understand what the experience is like from the client’s point of view. The expectations, the optimism, and the feeling of being in safe hands when you are promised business growth and you start planning for a more affluent future.

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Doing marketing better: The importance of living your claims

So, your marketing communications makes all kinds of promises about how great your business is. And they are probably true. But marketing is about so much more than that.

One of the things a true marketing approach does is that it ensures you live up to these claims. Always. No exceptions. Not even for that client who really annoys you. Not even on a Friday afternoon at 4.59. Not even when you have better things to do. Never.

Of course, this is a challenge to deliver. And it requires people management and personal commitment.

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