Networking – don’t miss out this key marketing tactic

Networking at events is an activity that businesses should take seriously. Never more so in the current time when relationships, authenticity and genuine engagement are of such concern.

Done well, networking will help increase your contacts in the right circles and keep you front of mind amongst these.

Networking is also interesting because it involves the fusion of marketing, branding and sales. What then determines networking success?

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How to make your website better

Having launched two new websites for my own business recently ( and, and having written numerous websites for clients over the years, I’d like to share my advice on how to make your website better.

It goes without saying now that your website needs to be ‘responsive’ (i.e. work well on mobiles) and it should be tested across all major browsers (which may differ from country to country).

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Things in marketing that are not new

 1.      Brands need personality

It has always been thus. A brand is the entirety of what you represent. It is impossible to be a provider of choice unless at least some aspects of personality are involved.

Even if it is just trust in the quality of the product or service that the company is providing. It is impossible to have a brand that does not involve an aspect of personality.

We are not machines and we do not make purchasing decisions that are entirely (if at all) objective.

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