Ready to hire a marketing intern?

Every business needs marketing, especially marketing that is done right. However, small business managers sometimes find themselves too occupied with daily tasks that they put marketing aside or worse – forget about it altogether. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might want to consider what cost-effective alternatives you have. One of them could be… drum roll – hiring a marketing intern!

What’s in it for you?

So, you’ve decided to do a good deed and help a graduate out by giving some paid work experience. Well, let me be clear by saying that you’ve potentially done your business an even better deed.

Marketing jobs these days require such a wide range of skills. Let me list a few, which your intern might be able to help you out with:

  • Copywriting – an intern can help you write content for your website, your product descriptions, your newsletters to clients, your advertisement briefs, your blog posts. ANYTHING. Just let them write in peace.
  • Graphic design – if you need any small graphic designing done (pictures for social media, improvements on your website) – your intern is the man (or the woman).
  • SEO – if they’re not experts today, they could be tomorrow (Google offers free e-courses).
  • Research – if you need any research done regarding your market, products or competitors, your intern will happily lend a hand.
  • IT knowledge – the new generation of interns are speaking IT as if it was their native tongue, so if your understanding of computers is basic, don’t hesitate to ask your intern for some advice.

Lastly (and most importantly) not only will you benefit from having this diverse expertise in-house, but also the intern will most definitely offer you new perspectives and fresh ideas for your business, which could lead to something bigger and better.

But how do you find The One?

A great suggestion would be getting in touch with your local universities and seeing what internship schemes they offer. You might even be able to get funding for the intern, which helps attract a better-suited candidate. And by better-suited I mean, it could simply be that the one intern you would want is working and simply can’t afford to dedicate a lot of time to your business in return for work experience only.

Another way to go about it is by advertising the role on the popular job sites. Although if you find it tiring uploading ads and managing many applications on the different sites then getting in contact with a university might be the route to take.

Let’s imagine you have found that one person to fulfil all your marketing needs.

What now?

Firstly – proper induction! Your intern needs to be aware of all the technicalities and daily operational tasks he/she will have to perform. Show the intern around the office, make sure all documents are in place and then crack on with more exciting things like…

Briefing session. To perform well, your intern needs to know what is expected of him/her. Have a full-on briefing session, talking through every single individual task that was listed in the job description; this way ensuring that you and your intern are on the same page.

But once you have briefed your intern don’t leave them on their own for the remaining duration of the internship. Check on them every so often. A good practice is to ask for updates on what they are working on and what they plan to do next.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that they might not be the most experienced in the room, but have faith in them. If you show that you trust their abilities and judgement by assigning tasks (begin with smaller ones) without constant supervision, you might be surprised with the long-term outcome.

Communication, communication, communication

Especially on the marketing side of things, you need to talk to your intern about almost every aspect of your business, because they need to get a real understanding of what you do and how to best represent you.

However, don’t talk business all the time! Your intern is still a human being. Good work relationships make the job so much more enjoyable, especially if this is your intern’s first real job. Maybe it’s time to grab lunch and get to know each other?

By Morta Jablonskaite

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