Marketing for Large Companies: Why Call Centres Don’t Work (part 1)

Call centres … We all have to deal with them occasionally right? And we must all love them; given how predominant they are in our relationships with big business. No, wait … we all hate them!

So, could it be that they are damaging to brands?

One of many ways in which call centres represent the opposite of marketing.

Here are a few more.

Customer service

‘Serving’ customers would surely suggest that they go away having received something that they wanted. It implies a level of orientation to their needs. So, why then, are the call centres I have experienced based around a concept of telling each customer a pre-determined answer in the hope that they will then go away? NEXT!

Understanding their needs

 Good old fashioned communication skills. They include ‘listening’. How many times have we explained what we want, only to be pitched something that in no way addresses the needs that we just spent time and effort articulating?

Use of English

Annoying phrases that irritate the customer and serve no purpose:

  • ‘So, I’ll send this from myself to yourself and if you have any problems, just give myself a call OK’ Hmm … Maybe yourself could learn some better communication skills so as not to annoy myself?’
  • ‘in regards to …’ (there is no such phrase)

Useless waffle

Remember when you were studying for exams, and you were told that a common mistake was to pick a word from the question and just write everything you know about this subject; without actually addressing the question? This is what call centres are constantly doing, in verbal form.

Sell, sell, sell!

‘Hi, your company has caused me a problem, and I’d like you to fix it please …’

‘Oh, … well, …. How about you buy this from us, yeah?’


 So, marketing for large companies is not all about big budget advertising. It’s actually about getting the basics right so that customers think better of you and act upon this.

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