Doing marketing better: The importance of living your claims

So, your marketing communications makes all kinds of promises about how great your business is. And they are probably true. But marketing is about so much more than that.

One of the things a true marketing approach does is that it ensures you live up to these claims. Always. No exceptions. Not even for that client who really annoys you. Not even on a Friday afternoon at 4.59. Not even when you have better things to do. Never.

Of course, this is a challenge to deliver. And it requires people management and personal commitment.

Like anything though, putting strategy first requires a bit of effort to get right, but it is worth it if the long term future of your business matters to you.

What if you don’t take yourself seriously and decide not to put the effort in though? Or if you really are committed but let other priorities get in the way? Well …  some great examples that I see all the time are:

  • The web expert whose own website is ‘coming soon’ (remarkably common)
  • The ‘copywriter’ who spells ‘copywriting’ wrong throughout their website
  • The CV that promises ‘attention to detail’ but fails to mention one of the key aspects of the role
  • The accountant who promises ‘no surprise bills’ and then sends me … a surprise bill!

These things render your marketing messages meaningless. In actual fact, they can also damage your entire industry – meaning that all are competing for a share of a dwindling total market.

The solution? Fewer and less outlandish claims, but powerful messages nonetheless. A difficult but rewarding balance to get right.

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