How to make your website better

Having launched two new websites for my own business recently ( and, and having written numerous websites for clients over the years, I’d like to share my advice on how to make your website better.

It goes without saying now that your website needs to be ‘responsive’ (i.e. work well on mobiles) and it should be tested across all major browsers (which may differ from country to country).

It should also be completely CMS managed (the days of the techies running your website for you are, thankfully, long gone!) But how else do you get an advantage via your site? …

1. Have a marketing strategy

Think that you can start with web presence and build from there? Don’t get distracted by technology and techniques. You need to get your fundamentals right first.

2. Competitor analysis

Don’t just look at others in your sector and do something similar. Be more ambitious!

3. Humans vs robots

Who is the site really for? What is SEO for? Hopefully there is a user base of real people out there who need to be engaged with.

If SEO drives relevant traffic to your site … What impression do they get of your company when they land there? Also …

4. What do you want people to do?

Simple this. The more clearly you define what you want people to actually do when they are on your site, the more able your developers will be to deliver it, and the more likely your audience will actually do this.

5. What is to go on your site?

This sounds like a rather basic question, but it needs to be asked. So many people currently publish a range of information, quite simply because they think it ‘ought to be’ on their website. A simple look back at your marketing strategy should inform you of which bits of your content are powerful enablers of your objectives and which bits are just superfluous filler.

6. Layout considerations

Scrolling banners … really? So you have a really important message … but … You are going to take it down and replace it with something else before someone has had a chance to read it … Really?

Now, what about windows? By this I mean whether or not your external links (including social media) should open up in a new tab or window. Why would you send people away from your site? It makes absolutely no sense on any grounds. Just don’t do it, regardless of the ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ advising you otherwise.

Read more about putting strategy first.

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