How to get your marketing campaigns right

I was reminded of a few things this week when I received what I believe is the best piece of direct mail I’ve had for a very long time.

Now, my first response to any question about marketing campaigns would be ‘Get the strategy right first’.

But if we take this as a given; there are a variety of things that can go together to make a really effective marketing campaign – regardless of the media involved:

The fundamentals include:

  • Is it relevant to your brand? You can’t do things just because they have worked for other companies – unless they make sense from the point of view of what you stand for and what your audience expects.
  • Good old fashioned segmentation and targeting – pick a method of identifying your audience that is relevant and reliable.
  • How do you encourage the recipients to act on the message they receive?

The campaign that I’m referring to was clever for a number of reasons:

  • It had a specific target – in this case, companies that had survived their first 3 years. Presumably it was based on the (not unreasonable) idea that early stage start-ups were less likely to invest in that kind of product (promotional gifts).
  • It involved sending a sample – demonstrating a commitment to the prospect and willing to really invest in demonstrating their ability (because they were confident it would work). There was no ‘trial and error and no half-hearted execution involved.
  • There was an easy to follow course of action for the prospect. It involved clever use of web marketing; in the form of a tailored experience for each prospect – which matched the direct mail element of the campaign.

Of course the above is not directly applicable to other businesses – mine doesn’t have too much that can be given away en masse – but the principle may well be.

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