Are you outsourcing marketing for your business?

Marketing is a strategic function of business. It determines how successful you can be in achieving your goals. Thus, outsourcing marketing can be risky.

The marketing strategy will determine your objectives and level of success in achieving them. It will also settle how the assets and resources of your organisation will be focussed on external opportunities. You might delegate the authority to come up with marketing strategy. Although it is impossible to give up the responsibility.

Stop outsourcing marketing

Certainly, some critical tasks, be they creative, digital, planning or delivery of campaigns may well be outsourced. But that is not marketing. Marketing is much more firmly situated within your organisation. These other things support the execution of marketing strategy once developed. So, guess what happens if you do the implementation before the strategy? You are without any doubt receiving a lower (if any) return on your time, effort and money.

If you run a business then, like it or not, you are in the business of marketing.

It is too important to be left to the operational level – whether in-house or outside. Indeed, in my experience, those working in operational marketing, hugely value the guidance. They also enjoy clarity and consistency of purpose that good strategy brings.

Capacity building within your existing business provides much more impact than any short term campaign work delivered at arm’s length.

A strategy can be reviewed and revised at any time. My suggestion is to get on top of this now (with or without outside support). The other decisions will fall into place with ease if this is done correctly.

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