What is marketing strategy? What is business strategy?

Business planning begins with marketing

Let’s put strategy first

There are only 4 things that every business does: This is useful to consider when setting priorities.


STO Consulting helps you to elevate marketing to its rightful place as an objectives driven, strategic level issue that defines and determines your success.

We will also help you to integrate marketing thinking into all areas of your business, ensuring it is a pervasive, complementary force for the achievement of your objectives. After all, if it’s not effective then it’s not worth doing.

Our approach is always: Strategy first. Then plan. Then action.

It’s about reducing risk by not diving into something without first taking a holistic consideration of the different factors that impinge on the decision and the way in which the different options may or may not work for your business in particular.

With a track record of driving business success, we know from experience that time spent on strategy development pays off. We would love to speak to you about how we can improve your results. Contact us to find out more.

The role of marketing strategy

We happen to believe that marketing is the most important thing that businesses do. Marketing is not just stuff that helps you to sell. Marketing is the entirety of what a company represents and it is the way in which a company generates value and therefore profit and the strategy for maintaining this in the long run. If you think there is room for improvement in your marketing, then please get in touch. We will be happy to give you some free advice to demonstrate that we know what we are talking about.

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