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Marketing agency with a difference

We do strategy and marketing management

STO Consulting is a complete and comprehensive marketing company based on strategy and research.

Led by Graeme Jordan – a CIM qualified marketer and specialist in research and strategy. It is this experience that gives us the edge in developing strategy that works.

We help business leaders to manage their own marketing and ensure marketing is the means to achieve business objectives.

We take marketing seriously. We care about what we do. We value relationships with the people with whom we do business.

What we believe

  • Strategy and consistency above creativity.
  • Effectiveness above innovation.
  • Relevant rather than trendy.
  • It’s great to generate new ideas, but within a strategic framework.
  • No creativity or innovation for its own sake.


Expertise: We know marketing and we know your industry.

Credibility: We only do what we’re good at. We value our reputation.

Relationships: We respect and value them.

Commitment: 100% effort always.

Integrity: Challenge where necessary / agree where appropriate / collaborate where possible.

Principled:  Sound rationale and reliable evidence base for all decisions.

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