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Marketing strategy consultant and business strategy development

Do you worry about whether or not your marketing is working?

Would you like more control of your marketing strategy? Or is it time for your strategy to adapt?

How clear are you on your brand and value proposition? Our strategy consulting services help with all of this and more.

Our services

Marketing Strategy Development

We help you to make the big decisions about products, markets, brands, and how to achieve your objectives.

Retained Marketing Director

I work with your leadership, teams, and people to deliver your marketing strategy.

Regular meetings and flexible deliverables.

Coaching and collaboration. 

Marketing Management

I lead and manage marketing activities.

Marketing planning, content writing and editing, briefing and coordinating. 

Marketing strategy consultant:
Graeme Jordan

As a Chartered, Level 7 qualified marketer and Fellow of the CIM, I consult on business strategy and marketing management.

I consult leaders of organisations to:

  • Find their place in the world.
  • Properly determine and articulate their message.
  • Find and engage their audience.

An effective strategy will always lead to better performance. Working with a team of specialists, I consult on strategy development and collaborate on its delivery.

What does a marketing strategy consultant do?

As a marketing consultant working at the strategic level, I help leaders to lead with purpose and market-orientation. This means operating with your target customers and stakeholders at the centre of your thinking. And leading a team that has a relevant shared purpose.

I work with directors and leaders to develop business and marketing strategy and manage the organisation’s marketing function.

Once the strategy has been developed, I collaborate with specialists in digital marketing, design, development, SEO, and any other discipline that your business needs to fulfil its marketing strategy.

Why are we here?

An experienced market researcher and marketing consultant, I started STO Consulting to help business owners lead their business to greater success. I wanted to help people to better connect with their market, their teams, and their context.

A big driver for STO was when I noticed how many businesses did not have any control over the marketing that was being done for them – either in-house, or by external agencies. Surely, this could be better?

Many businesses are spending money on marketing that doesn’t work. Some leaders don’t know what their own brand represents. This is bad for them, their employees, and stakeholders.

I spent a lot of time developing ways to change this. It’s encapsulated in the STO Consulting process.

Working harder is not the key to better results. Uniting the internal and external, in a relevant common purpose is.

Research and business strategy consulting

We get inside businesses to consult, research and develop their strategy, to drive success.

This helps you to meet your objectives (whatever they may be). We develop the foundation upon which your marketing can be built.

We apply marketing expertise and research ability to answer the biggest questions that there are in business: What products? Which markets? Under what brand? How do we compete?

See our strategy development workshops for more.

Our mission

Help organisations succeed with purpose and market-oriented leadership.

Who we work with

We consult business owners who care about being great leaders and making their mark on the world. Or they are at least open to purposeful and market-oriented leadership.

Organisation leaders who are committed to honest and ethical practice (not just saying this). Leaders who show respect for their people, their suppliers, and their customers.

Typically, our clients will be beyond start-up stage (though we have worked very successfully with one-person start-up companies). They want to grow beyond this, via a company-specific, rather than off-the-shelf strategy. They want more than just the basics.

Who we don’t work with

We are not for you if you want different outcomes without changing anything. Or if you want overnight results or to be the same as your competitors.

If your business model is exploitative or dishonest, we won’t get past the first discussion.

If, however, you are on the same page as us, then we’d love to talk.

When to work with us

Often our clients think they have tried ‘marketing’ before. Or even that it’s not for them. We are not afraid of this. Some of our best success stories have begun with this very conversation.

We can make a particular impact if you are launching something new, transitioning, or need to adapt to a changing environment. Maybe things are just a bit tougher out there? But there is never a bad time to review and develop your strategy.

Why work with us?

Right first time marketing

If you want to get your marketing right without the cost of ‘trial and error’ then we are here for that.

You don’t just need a marketing agency – you need a strategy. This will always make your marketing better, regardless of who does it.

Better strategy means better results from all your marketing activity

STO Consulting helps organisations to develop and implement the optimal strategy for their objectives, their circumstances, and their markets. We do this in partnership with the business owner or management team.

We develop your ability to understand and communicate what you offer.

We are independent

We’re not tied to any particular technique or method. We never outsource our work, never mark-up another provider’s work or take referral fees, and don’t white-label.

What our clients say about us

"Within only a few months of the project I was able to win a number of new contracts bringing in significant revenue."

My company brand and identity needed a complete overhaul. STO helped me create a company and brand I am now proud of. Graeme was extremely helpful during the whole process. I would definitely recommend him. Most importantly of all – within only a few months of the project I was able to win a number of new contracts bringing in significant revenue, repaying the investment in my marketing many times over.

~ Darren Potter, Managing Director, Mayfield Financial Planning Ltd.

"We have now completed a successful full detailed redesign of our website and have retained STO to continue with providing our ongoing marketing assistance."

Inspired CCTV(NE) Ltd needed expert advice to review our Marketing offering and to redesign our basic website to achieve higher search engine ranking.

We have now completed a successful full detailed redesign of our website and have retained STO to continue with providing our ongoing marketing assistance. The advice on how to structure the site was extremely useful. This has resulted in us ranking for a number of relevant terms.

I have no hesitation in recommending STO to any business looking to improve their marketing awareness.

~Howard Bullock, Director, Inspired CCTV

"The strategy document was comprehensive and has given me a clear direction to travel when marketing my business."

First off, Graeme is extremely easy to work with, reassuring and incredibly flexible in his approach to meeting client’s needs.

Secondly the work he produced was exceptional. The strategy document was comprehensive and has given me a clear direction to travel when marketing my business.

Whilst I paid for the work undertaken, I would like to publicly add thanks to Graeme as I feel he went above and beyond to deliver for my business.

~ Marcus Fillier, Leach Coach and Trainer, Successful Me

"I now know what I need to work on and am confident I will notice significant improvements, from taking aligned action."

Graeme managed to help me gain more clarity in one hour than I have previously achieved in months!

I booked a session to establish my content pillars, as a foundation for my marketing strategy.

Graeme asked the right questions and listened intently. As a product of this he helped me realise the difference between my 2 brands.

I now know what I need to work on and am confident I will notice significant improvements, from taking aligned action!

~ Jess Roper, Business Owner, I am Fighting Fit

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    What we care about

    We believe that ‘the business community’ is an intrinsic part of the wider community. Our people and customers and suppliers are members of both. Businesses can and should do good things.

    We make fixed contributions every month to the following:

    • Local hospice
    • Local foodbanks in all of our locations
    • UK homelessness charity
    • Carbon capture scheme
    • International human rights charity
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    We are an independently verified carbon-neutral business.

    We are proud to announce that since November 2018 STO Consulting is capturing 25 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year.

    Tonnes of CO2 captured so far: 125

    We are funding the planting and management of 100 trees!

    Personal branding

    We can help you to identify and communicate what you offer to employers, clients or partners. We develop individual careers or provide group training and development.